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Tobacco Dusk Eau De Parfum 1.7OZ/50ML


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Ignite the flames of desire with Tobacco Dusk, a daring olfactory exploration that envisions a night of passionate escapades. This intense fragrance, not for the faint of heart, draws you into a world where the sultry whispers of tobacco, the seductive embrace of leather, and the warm caress of sandalwood intertwine.

Picture an evening shrouded in mystery, where the air is charged with anticipation. Tobacco Dusk captures the essence of forbidden rendezvous, its notes unfolding like the chapters of a secret liaison. The smoky allure of tobacco beckons, creating an intoxicating atmosphere that lingers in the air. Leather adds a touch of sensuality, a tactile reminder of the illicit thrill. As the night deepens, the rich warmth of sandalwood envelops you, leaving an indelible mark on the senses.

Scent Type: Leather Woody

Top Notes: Lemon, Ho Wood, Bergamot, Pink Pepper

Heart Notes: Leather, Palo Santo, Clove, Cinnamon, Neroli

Base Notes: Vanilla, Tobacco, Vetiver, Birch Tar, Cedarwood, Amber