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Discovery Set: Inaugural


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Introducing an alluring assortment that transcends the ordinary – our Discovery Set. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating allure of these scents, available in convenient 5ml travel sprays. The experience is further enriched with a curated discovery card, guiding you through the intricate notes of each perfume, unlocking a world into the other with every spray.

Saints & Sinners

Foray into the divine and daring world of Saints & Sinners, a spicy amber perfume that pays homage to the religious scents of yesteryear. This captivating fragrance is an olfactory journey, weaving together the sacred and the sensual. Immerse yourself in a tapestry of Lemongrass and Pink Pepper, delicately entwined in a heart of Sweet Elemi, an ingredient native to the Philippines.

Tobacco Dusk

Ignite the flames of desire with Tobacco Dusk, a daring olfactory exploration that envisions a night of passionate escapades. This intense fragrance, not for the faint of heart, draws you into a world where the sultry whispers of tobacco, the seductive embrace of leather, and the warm caress of sandalwood intertwine.

Body Laundry

Indulge in the languid embrace of a lazy weekend with Body Laundry, a fragrance that artfully captures the essence of a tranquil morning spent in repose. Picture the warmth of sun-kissed skin resting on fresh linen, a moment of sensual simplicity that unfolds into a sultry yet comforting symphony.

Basic Peach

Basic Peach is a delightful departure from the ordinary, a fragrance that winks at the clichés while delivering a burst of irreverent charm. At its heart, fruity florals dance in a joyful medley, celebrating the exuberance of a cheeky attitude. Imagine the essence of ripe peaches and floral blooms mingling with the invigorating brightness of fresh grapefruit, creating a fragrance that is both playful and refreshing.

Lush & Dew

Step into the ethereal realm with Lush & Dew, a fragrance that transports you to the misty, enchanted world of a lost nymph in a secluded forest. Immerse yourself in the atmospheric allure of this captivating scent, a poetic olfactory journey that captures the essence of nature's mystique.