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Discovery Set: The Favorite


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Introducing an alluring assortment that transcends the ordinary – our Discovery Set, a tantalizing ensemble of beloved classics such as Saint & Sinners, Tobacco Dusk, and Body Laundry, now accompanied by two captivating newcomers: Velvet Tea and Eugenioides. Immerse yourself in the intoxicating allure of these scents, available in convenient 5ml travel sprays. The experience is further enriched with a curated discovery card, guiding you through the intricate notes of each perfume, unlocking a world into the other with every spray.

Saints & Sinners

Foray into the divine and daring world of Saints & Sinners, a spicy amber perfume that pays homage to the religious scents of yesteryear. This captivating fragrance is an olfactory journey, weaving together the sacred and the sensual. Immerse yourself in a tapestry of Lemongrass and Pink Pepper, delicately entwined in a heart of Sweet Elemi, an ingredient native to the Philippines.

Tobacco Dusk

Ignite the flames of desire with Tobacco Dusk, a daring olfactory exploration that envisions a night of passionate escapades. This intense fragrance, not for the faint of heart, draws you into a world where the sultry whispers of tobacco, the seductive embrace of leather, and the warm caress of sandalwood intertwine.

Body Laundry

Indulge in the languid embrace of a lazy weekend with Body Laundry, a fragrance that artfully captures the essence of a tranquil morning spent in repose. Picture the warmth of sun-kissed skin resting on fresh linen, a moment of sensual simplicity that unfolds into a sultry yet comforting symphony.

Velvet Tea

Step into the captivating world of Velvet Tea, a perfume that exudes an enticing blend of sophistication. Transport yourself to the atmosphere of an opium house, where musky, slightly floral, and green tobacco notes intertwine to create a beguiling symphony. This alluring fragrance features a harmonious fusion of osmanthus, petitgrain, and labdanum, inviting you into a realm of timeless elegance.


Embark on a sensorial journey inspired by Eugenioides, the venerable parent lineage of modern coffee. Our fragrance pays homage to the essence of this pioneering coffee variety, capturing the spirit of innovation and refinement that defines its legacy. Eugenioides perfume is a symphony of smoked coffee, grape wine, and sweet mandarin, harmoniously crafted to transport you to the heart of coffee's rich heritage.