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Retailing Now at Design Orchard

Design Orchard is an integrated retail and incubation space that aims to groom local designers in the lifestyle and fashion industries. The location serves as a creative incubator, vibrant events space, and a platform in the heart of Orchard Road for Singapore’s homegrown brands to showcase their creativity to the world.

Today,  Design Orchard houses over 100 brands various categories such as apparel, accessories and lifestyle, making it Singapore’s largest physical one-stop shopping destination for local labels.


LILEE PERFUME will join Design Orchard's roster starting July 2023, marking its first retail presence.

The launch, which will feature its inaugural collection of five niche perfumes, ranging from citrus to woody amber. Explore the collection below.

Design Orchard was launched in 2019 as a collaboration between the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), the Economic Development Board (EDB), and the DesignSingapore Council (DSC). The aim was to create a space that not only showcases local designers but also fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and community engagement. Since its inception, Design Orchard has become a vibrant hub for Singapore's design community and has gained recognition for its unique approach to promoting local designers.

One of the key aspects of Design Orchard is its carefully curated selection of local brands and designers. The store features a wide range of products that embody Singapore's unique cultural heritage, contemporary design aesthetics, and sustainable practices. From fashion and accessories to home decor and lifestyle items, the products at Design Orchard are thoughtfully chosen to reflect Singapore's diverse design scene and cater to both locals and tourists alike.

Design Orchard also provides support and resources for local designers to help them develop their brands and businesses. The store offers a variety of services, including mentorship programs, business workshops, and marketing support, to empower local designers and enable them to thrive in a competitive retail landscape. This comprehensive support system helps local designers gain exposure, build their networks, and refine their business strategies, ultimately contributing to the growth of Singapore's design industry.

Moreover, Design Orchard actively promotes sustainability and eco-consciousness in its retail practices. The store prioritizes brands and products that are environmentally friendly, ethically produced, and socially responsible. This aligns with Singapore's efforts towards sustainability and positions Design Orchard as a platform that promotes responsible consumption and production, as well as raising awareness about sustainability issues among consumers.

In addition to its retail offerings, Design Orchard also hosts regular events and activities that engage the local community and foster creativity. These include workshops, talks, exhibitions, and collaborations with local artists, designers, and cultural organizations. These initiatives encourage interaction, exchange of ideas, and collaboration among local designers, consumers, and the wider public, creating a dynamic and inclusive environment for design appreciation and learning.

Body Laundry

Scent Type: Clean Citrus Aldehydes

With steam still rolling out, you step out of your bathtub. Towel wrapped around your naked body, you dive right into your crisp and laundered bedsheets. Naked, you snuggle in for an afternoon nap.


Saints & Sinner

Scent Type: Spicy Amber

A collection of ingredients throughout religious history in both the East and the West; put together into one single concoction.

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Basic Peach

Scent Type: Fruity Floral

A satirical take on modern female perfumery with heavy use of gourmand, fruit, and floral accords, with a twist of lychee and pear notes and a touch of my favorite pink pepper.

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Tobacco Dusk

Scent Type: Leather Woody

Cigarettes, whiskey, and a salacious night of escapism. I imagine a setting sun, a spray of perfume, and a dance with the devil until the sun rises once more.

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Lush & Dew

Scent Type: Mossy Citrus Marine

Inspired from my time in Yosemite. I imagine a nymph sipping on a pineapple cocktail in the pine forest veiled by the rolling fog and misty rain.

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