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Discovery Set

Featuring the perfumer's top five favorites, including two unreleased scents.

Now Available

Just in time for the gifting season.

Now Available At Design Orchard

After a year in the lab, LILEE Perfume will be dropping a discovery set just in time for Christmas. Featuring two unreleased perfumes, only available in the discovery set, Velvet Tea and Eugenioides. A play on yin/yang, Velvet Tea features notes of Osmanthus, Jasmine Sambac, and the woody sweetness of Cinnamon. Eugenioides features notes of Mandarin, Lemon, Coffee, Cotton Candy, with hints of wine.

Both are inspired by travels to Taipei where both tea and coffee culture exist alongside, sometimes blending into each other to create something ever so new.

Retailing at $99 inclusive of tax.

Velvet Tea EDP

Inspired by the endless Chinese wedding dinners with tea as the default liquid staple. A fusion of Osmanthus, Jasmine Sambac, and Cinnamon; let the warm scent wrap on your skin.

Eugenioides EDP

The mother of all coffee beans, coy with its fruits, with notes of wine, earth, wood, and much more. Blended with my memory of Taipei, this scent features notes of Mandarin, Lemon, Coffee, and Cotton Candy.

Also comes with Saints & Sinners, Tobacco Dusk, Body Laundry.

The familiar favorites.